21 Best Things to do at the Age of 40

Most of us south Asians don’t think about what kind of lifestyle we actually want to live in or how our time is pent, from rather how our financial needs will be fulfilled. We don’t generally think too much about life, status or wellbeing for the health of our older age.

Have you reached 40?

Then it is the time to re-evaluate your wellbeing and lifestyle to plan and achieve happiness for the long-run, especially for the old age. At this age, you have learned enough, experienced enough and understood enough, seen enough worlds with your experiences.  

So, time to take a break and take out a little time to rethink for yourself. It’s time to take care of yourself seriously for a healthy and happy life you always wished for. Time to take actions and steps for happiness, peacefulness and for the joys of old age.

Here are 21 ways to stay healthier when you are nearing or turning 40:

  1. Taking care of our eyes to keep eyes vision clear. If we eat a diet high in fruits and vegetables – which are full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals – may slow vision loss.
  2. Wearing sunglasses are a good idea to prevent further damage.
  3. Age 40 is a good time to look into our numbers for Blood Pressure, our cholesterol levels, blood sugar, and body weight. 
  4. If you feel often tired, gaining weight if your hair and skin have lost their luster, time for you to consider getting thyroids checked.
  5. Incorporate weekly physical activity plan such as weight-bearing, cardiovascular exercise, some sort of resistance training exercises to avoid muscle mass. You can maintain and help improve flexibility, core strength, balance, and range of motion. If we can maintain our strength and then as we get older, we can continue to do the things we enjoy doing.
  6. Quite Smoking can help lower chances of heart disease, stroke, and kidney failure as well as lung cancer and lung disease.
  7. If you have a family history of diseases such as cancer or heart disease you may think to get a colonoscopy, a calcium test can help determine and if you need major lifestyle changes or medications.  It can’t be just worrying like everybody else. So explore your family history.
  8. Our metabolism slows around the age 40; eating fewer calories can boost health. We can maintain our weight making our daily eating plan packed full of nutrient-dense food, like lean protein, fruits and vegetables, and low-fat dairy and whole grains. Shahnajkitchen has explored verity of healthy meal options recipes which can be included in our food chart to have a healthy lifestyle.
  9. To keep my heart healthy we should limit our daily cholesterol intake, sugar, and fructose but consider nonfat dairy products, 6 to 8 small meals daily instead of 1 or 2 large ones, consume foods that are naturally high in fiber, do moderate physical activity on most days. Also should try to walk at least 2-3 miles per day at least 5-6 days per week.
  10. Plan a vacation every year or even a short trip can help you to release your stress. You will be more energetic to work. 
  11. Start saving for your retirement age. Make it like an investment for your old age for a happy, joys old age.
  12. Stay socially active with friends and family and within your community.
  13. Don’t neglect yourself: Regular check-ups with your doctor, dentist, and optometrist are even more important now.
  14. Get the sleep that your body needs.
  15. Learn to cope with change in life will help us make the most of the good times and keep our perspective when times are tough.
  16. Many things in life are beyond our control rather stressing out over them accept the things you can’t change is the right way to happiness.
  17. The longer we live, the more you lose. Time passes we lose people and things, life becomes even more precious. So we should appreciate and enjoy what we have. And learn to be more grateful and satisfied.
  18. Laughter is the Best Medicine for body and mind to stay balanced, energetic, joyful, and healthy at any age.
  19. If you have a chance to Travel somewhere new or go on a weekend trip to a place you’ve never visited grave it and go for it.
  20. Spend more time in nature. It will heal us, cool us and give us positive energy to enjoy life.
  21. Last but not the least write our memoirs will give us a chance to play with our life experiences from which we will be able to find to be happy, meaningful and enjoyable.

Consider the Big picture of your lifestyle:

Aging is a natural process. We can’t stop getting older can’t even reverse to the younger age. But with our choice of modification to the healthy lifestyle, we can at least start stepping preventing heart attacks, diabetes, strokes and slow down the aging process.

So Lifestyle modification is the key to the way of aging gracefully.


Regular exercise, less stress, right kind of healthy meal, less calories, more fibre, more fruits, and enough vegetables will keep your heart and brain health and help us live a longer, more energetic, healthy and happy life. A key ingredient of the lifecycle recipe for healthy aging is to look for the enduring ability to Find Meaning and Joy in Life, to get the real essence of life.

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