What can you expect after retirement as a woman?

How would you like to move to the next step in life? Would it be trough the hands of family and their everlasting support, an enormous array of retirement activities, or enjoy the time to be truly with yourself?

Life as a woman is no less than challenging. If you are reading this article, then congratulations. You have been successful through most of life’s tough struggles. You are most likely/are going to retire. So what lays ahead in life for a retired woman? 

As of now, China makes it to the second position of the list, with 52.25 years, when it comes to lowest retirement ages. This, naturally, creates a huge group of middle aged retired women. There is undoubtedly, chapters upcoming in these women’s lives. 


Family, undoubtedly, plays a huge role in retiring women. In the past/traditional sense, it was the norm to see elder citizens as part of an extended family, but as competition grows, this is becoming a distinct possibility by the day. We could see other family members providing ample support for their senior members, but this has narrowed down to few or none members who are offering adequate help. This is a crucial factor to consider for women to consider when taking to mind retirement. Support from their spouse or grown up children can make lives a lot easier post retirement.


If we are successful at managing family support, that’s part of the retirement issues resolved. However, that’s definitely not he end of it. Research shows the growing connections between retirement and life expectancy. This is why we believe it is best to involve ourselves in various retirement activities to keep ourselves energized, cheerful and active. The more active we are in our daily lives, the better the quality of life we can expect to live. 


When you have all the time in the world, a really good investment of the time is hobbies. The most notable of these can be crafting, considering that in the US, it is a $30 billion industry, with infinite potential. 


Knowledge is power, no matter what stage of life you are in. The beauty of reading is that it opens up a world of unlimited possibilities and infinite discoveries. This is partly an interesting activity in a sense, that we often run to the seniors for advice, and further knowledge will ensure that the juniors will always be well fed with advice.


For men and women alike, physical fitness is a must, both before an after retirement, to keep our lifestyle perfectly. The fitness programs are proven to be enormously efficient at both keeping bodies and minds in top-notch conditions. Yoga, for example, has been scientifically proven to improve health and mood.

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