The Grandparents play a much bigger role in children’s upbringing than you might think.

Humans start out life as an infant. We are quick to start learning from our surroundings, and adapt with age. Slowly, we pass down these valuable lessons to the future generations.
For the many of us who has had the privilege to grow up with grandparents, we are no alien to the no less than special emotional bonding between grandparents and grandchildren. Indeed, the elderly have a huge role in the family, and today we are going to discuss their part in nurturing the children.

1.Role models.

Grandparents are the infinite source of knowledge and wisdom. They have lived through uncountable challenges, and have matured accordingly. Through this, they become the ultimate role models for future generations to follow.

One more fact that enhances this is the soft nature of the grandparents. Many parents may turn out to be extra strict and set rough barriers on a child, but the grandparents are mostly willing to let them go for plenty of misdeeds and petty crimes. As children, we are naturally drawn to the people that give us the sense of adventure, and equally forgiveness.

2. The helping hands.

In this competitive world it is becoming harder by the day for a single parent to earn for the whole family. The family role for the elderly is becoming more important by the day. We see an example of this in the South Asian community, where traditionally, the man of the house would earn the bread. Slowly, the women are becoming more and more active in contributing financially for the family.

So who would take charge of the children, and ensure their well being? Many choose not to depend on caretakers, rather prefer the grandparents to take care of the younger ones. They can be rest assured, that the children will be enjoying valuable company.

Furthermore, even though parents always have complete rights over their children, we mustn’t forget parenting is not an activity that is completely inherited naturally. Taking proper care of children can be quite a challenge for new parents, and they key is to rely on the much more experienced and knowledgeable grandparents to fill up the gaps.

3. The teachers.

Grandparents provide unconditional love, companionship, mentorship, friendship, and is an infinite source of teachings regarding life.

Grandparents are often seen to value ethical, sympathy and tradition over other worldly subjects, many of which even the parents might tend to ignore. We must understand how crucial these moral teachings can be to children, for they would be the cornerstones to their bringing up.

The positive impacts of grandparents on their grandchildren pay themselves off. When we reach old age, we often look for a sense of belonging and company. These can be challenging times, but amidst the community support for the elderly, children have a magnificent way to drive out loneliness, depression and anxiety.

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