What are the most common causes of depression amongst middle-aged women?

One of the most common social issues come from our lack of given importance to middle-agers and their mental health. This issue is very common in South Asian countries, where we often disregard it as something natural and of very less importance. We, however, overlook the fact that in unison, middle age depression can add up having a huge effect on our society and the mental health of its citizens. We must also pay special attention to the fact that these issues affect mostly women, and they can make lives distressing. Only if we are well informed of such issues, can we take a more approachable stance against them and work together to make the lives of people much pleasant.

1. The lacking of a partner can be excruciating in order to survive today’s harsh and competitive world, and that only adds up to the middle age problems.

In 2011 there were 102.1 million singles in America, that represented 44.1% of all US residents. By 2014, just 3 short years later, there are were 124.6 million singles in America, representing over 50% of all US residents. For many, divorce may be the better option, but the consequences are sure to follow. These consequences can become even more horrific, as individuals reach the middle age.

2. Individuals aged typically 45 to 64 years old are common to face a phenomenon known as ‘the midlife crisis’. This can be the result of a psychological crisis, resulting from the clearly noticeable effects of aging, the inevitable thought of mere mortality, or regrets and shortcomings from their lives. The gruesome effects these may bring about include anxiety, depression or insecurities about aging in general. The individuals may be soon to crave for youthfulness or make drastic changes to their habits.

3. It is far too common for individuals in their middle ages to look for the company from friends and family. This can be a problematic period for people generally lack the willingness and energy to maintain proper communication between friends and family.

4. While the effects of loneliness become more imminent, the visual effects of aging are soon to set in. This can bring about certain declines in self-confidence and happiness. We must understand how an individual can be easily thrown off their guard when they come out of their prime, from their 20s to 30s. The consequences of these visual changes easily affect far more women than men and bring about noticeable changes in behavior and attitude. Slowly, the mere existence of human mortality slowly begins to set in.


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